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Panel Visits to the One Year Acting Course
November 7, and March 6-7, 2001


Pre-visit Panel (November): Diane Borger, Chris Honer (Chair)
Full Panel (March): Diane Borger, Chris Garner, Chris Honer (Chair), Peter James
In attendance (both visits): Adele Bailey (Executive Secretary)


Classes Attended in November

Animal Studies

Classes Attended in March

Animal Studies

Working Actions

In November the Panel observed an Animal Studies class in which students morphed from their chosen animal to a character. Tutor coached them into realising ‘a private moment with an imaginary object.’ Tutor gave clear guidance, instructing them to work for ‘sensations, not mime.’

In March the Panel had a good opportunity to see how the Animal Studies work had progressed.  Within a well-structured and clearly defined class, five scenes were observed with students working in pairs and morphing from a chosen animal (a new one was required for this Term) into a human form and then improvising a 5 minute scene with the characters they had created. The Panel found this to be an excellent class, with evidence of good observation from the students, very detailed and pertinent comments from the tutor, who also encouraged the students to contribute their own comments on the work in a relaxed, open, creatively charged atmosphere.

The Working Actions class explored the application of the Laban actions to text. This was another busy, positive and demanding class. Using the Alcestis text which they were currently rehearsing, the students presented small sequences, subsequently having to justify their reasons for their choices of actions. The tutor gave dry and incisive comments and there was plenty of evidence of the students developing in understanding and achievement.

The standard of teaching in Acting which the Panel observed was very high.